General Details

  • Scoring will be a handicap system as used last year
    • The captains have organized this league for every level of shooter and our handicap scoring means that every team member, regardless of ability or experience, can contribute to their team
  • Cost will be $5.00 per round for TSC Members and Non-Members for all "League Rounds" (practice rounds at normal rates)
  • There is a $3 per round League fee that covers prizes and the Banquet costs
  • Unlimited shoot ahead is allowed but you must have your rounds completed by end of shooting season
  • The league banquet to tentatively scheduled for Sunday, May 20, 2018;  the exact date and time will be announced later in the season

 Team Info

  • New Participants
    • If you have not joined a team and would like to shoot, refer to each league sign up instructions
  • Existing Participants
    • If you were on a team last year, check with your team captain to verify your intention to shoot in this year’s league and obtain updated rules
    • We are updating our league contact information and request you provide your name, phone number, and email address when you sign up
  • Teams can have up to 10 members and a minimum of 6 shooters
  • Teams with less than 6 shooters will have new shooters reassigned to fill vacancies on other teams

League Info

  • 2018-19 league details to be posted shortly. 

TSC League Information

Shooting in a league is a great way to enjoy shooting at TSC (which is likely the primary reason you joined our club) and to support our club financially; help out - get signed up - participate - have fun.

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